What is KPLACE


KPLACE is a complete solution for the management and distribution of all the ICDL certifications.


With Kplace, every Candidate can handle a user-friendly and interactive exam enviroment, with simulations really unnoticeable compared to the real applications.


Every Test Center has at its disposal a complete product, able to considerably increase the productivity and the customer service level.


Licensees can take advantage of a solution based on best practice processes and able to satisfy any need, managing the relations between all the actors involved in the ICDL certification.


Kplace is entirelly based on Web technologies:

  • Minimized the need of installing and updating the software on the client (only Test Centre Server)
  • New functionalities and special project can be introduced without the need of installing new software components
  • Usable both on owner platform and open source ones

    Kplace is a Multi-Platform system : it works both on Windows and Linux


    Kplace today is the most advanced solution on the market that can support the ECDL/ICDL certification growth.




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    Frequently Asked Questions about KPLACE System.

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    Problem Resolution

    In the KPLACE knowledge base documents are gathered the solutions to all the most frequent problems.

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